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Smile, you're on camera?!

As a home buyer on the hunt for the perfect house, keep in mind someone may be watching or listening. You're going into another persons house, there's a chance they might have security cameras or recording devices on. We always tell our buyers not to say too much while inside of a house for this reason, because if they are listening, they can use whatever you say against you in negotiations. Talking about why you need to move because your lease is almost up, or because you are moving into this part of town because you just got a job offer here, or maybe you love the house so much you're saying how you would pay wayyy more for this house than the list price. These are all things that as a buyer, you do not want the seller to know.

Here's the thing. Yes Colorado is a one party state, so as long as one party consents to recorded, it can happen. Here's the catch, the seller would NOT be a part of this conversation, and it is in a private setting, not public, which make it illegal. Because of this, seller's need to disclose if they have recording devices in their home that they plan to you. The Buyer's agents need to know about them, and so do you as a buyer.

Listing agents need to be asking the seller they are working with if there are any recording devices, if they plan to use them this should be disclosed on the MLS so the agent knows about this. However, always consider that even if it's not disclosed, it's still possible... so choose your words and your emotions carefully when house-hunting.

At the same time, sellers need to be aware of what they're doing when using security cameras. Yes, some sellers prefer to use them because random people are walking through their house that they don't know and they want to make sure they are keeping their house and valuables safe. A seller cannot decide who they want to buy their house based on camera footage, because this is in violation of Federal Fair Housing Laws, and is a very big no-no.

So, always think that someone could be listening in on your conversation, don't say anything you wouldn't want the seller to hear as far as your motivating factors for wanting to purchase said house. As real estate professionals, we will remind you of this before we enter houses, and would prefer to discuss your thoughts and feelings after the showing... far enough away that the Ring doorbell won't catch our conversations either. :)

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