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Spring Cleaning during Quarantine

You’re stuck inside. We just had a good snowfall the other day here in the Denver area. You can't socialize publicly. And it is officially Spring. What better time than now to get your spring cleaning done? Yeah, that's right. No excuses.

Wash your windows, inside and out, and clean the blinds. Blinds are my least favorite, but it makes a difference. Have you ever moved into a new place and saw how filthy the blinds were? Yeah, grosses me out.

Clean out your fridge. Not only get rid of things expired (ew), but also take out the shelves and bins and clean them with warm soapy water!

Your oven! We don’t clean this enough, but I think about it almost every time I use it. Most appliances will have a self-cleaning function to remove stubborn, baked on grime. Ours doesn’t! So it’s a good ole’ heavy duty scruba-dub-dub that we’re looking at ☹

Your junk drawer! We all have one. And maybe the only time you open yours is to put more new items you don't know what to do with in it. No shame, but it’s time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and reorganize what you plan to keep in there.

Dun dun dun.... The bathroom. For whatever reason, people seem to dislike this one the most. I think it’s one of the easiest rooms to get done. Just get in there, clean every nook and cranny, and get over it! 😊You’ll be happy once it’s done and so will any guests you have come over, they notice.

Your furniture. Hopefully you’re already doing this often, but since a lot of people aren’t working right now due to the situation, maybe you’ll find some extra change under the cushions? Do people still use change? Ok maybe not. Take what you can get though during this time.

Yo ceiling fans! Yes they get gross. And then you use your fan. Ugh. They don’t take long to clean. Give ‘em a quick wipe and fo’get about it.

My favorite on the list? Time to attack your closet. I typically do this throughout the year, because I do like getting rid of clothes. And then getting new clothes! So, it’s a win-win. Try everything on, decide what you like, get rid of what you haven’t worn in the last year. To me this is fun, because I usually throw different outfits together, try them on, and realize there are things that I have forgotten about and now want to bring it back to life! Plus, if you donate to a thrift store or shelter (which I highly recommend you do) you’re helping out more.

Easily forgot but most important... change filters, check furnace, carbon monoxide and smoke detector systems.

Obviously there’s more to do around the house, but this should get you going. Remember to play some music or you’ll get real bored, real quick. Enjoy and Happy Spring Cleaning!

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