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We're Living in Strange Times

Okay, so last post was about all the events going on in March... which is usually a helpful topic. Not this time around. Our world has changed so much in the past couple of weeks and the country as a whole is not participating in much outside the comfort of our own homes.

Coronavirus. Covid-19. You've heard it by now. It's the reason you are out of toilet paper and/or hand-soap. It's the reason you are finding new activities and maybe old 'honey-do' lists around the house to work on. We have been struck by this pandemic, and some people are panicking, although that never helps with anything.

We work a lot at home as it is, so it's not crazy different for us, but it is still different. We are no longer able to go out and socialize or meet with new clients. There are plenty of things to do to stay busy though. On St. Patricks Day we did not go out as we originally planned, but we did have a "party" over facebook video call with about 10 of our friends. Seriously, if you haven't been video calling during this time, get to it. You won't feel so isolated, we are all waiting this out.

We've been outside and have been going on more walks, although it seems now that everyone has that idea. It's not a bad idea by any means, but at this point, everyone is getting fed-up with being locked inside, and more and more people are hitting the trails. If you are out and about, try to stay 6 feet apart still.

I couldn't tell you the last time I worked on a puzzle, but I am getting that itch. We're staying busy with work, still getting up about 5:30am... maybe sleeping in a just bit more lately, but still, starting our day off right. We won't typically turn the tv on until about 7pm even though we're home all day, and I encourage you to seek out other activities as well. This is a great time for anyone who has any continuing education courses they need to do complete for work, get it out of the way! That's never a fun task anyway, and you have all the time in the world (it seems like) right now.

So here's my two cents, get up early every morning, get out of your pajamas and get ready for the day. Create a schedule for yourself with time blocked off for certain activities. Follow it. Boredom gets to you real quick if you don't have something to do, something to look forward to, something to accomplish.

Be strong. Stay focused. Stay positive.

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